Monday, 30 December 2013

The 5 top posts of 2013...

I'm all in for countdowns at the moment (as you can probably tell).  So, I decided that, as a final post for 2013, it would be good to reflect on the most viewed blog posts that got us here today.  If you haven't read, take a look at some of the most popular posts from this year....

Number 5:  An initial look at Gastric Torsion and how this can affect your dog after Caesar is Inconveniently Ill late one night.

Number 4:  Caesar's Rescue Advent Calendar introduced the idea of the Rescue Advent Calendar onto the website.  It later became a success and raised some money for local animal charity SARA.

Number 3:  The original post on the blog.  Simply called Saving Caesar and my first ever go at being a blogger.

Number 2:  Starting Small looks at some of the issues that Caesar had when we adopted him.  It also looks at some of the ways that we've attempted to combat Caesars' issues.  It was one of the first posts on the blog.

Number 1:  One of the worst moments in my life so far.  What about GDV?  looks at the risks of the condition GDV and how, after eating a lot of Gemma's food, I was told that Caesar could develop the conditon over night. A very scary story but a lesson learnt - take heed everyone!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I've learnt in 2013...

Life with Caesar has been a roller-coaster from the day we adopted him.  He teaches me something new every day but I decided to summarise with the top 10 things I've learnt from him this year:

At number 10:
You can't beat a bed time cuddle...
Although we had never intended to let Caesar in the bedroom, let alone on the bed!  I must say, I've slept much better since discovering how therapeutic it can be to cuddle a toasty warm and very soft dog.  This has become more evident recently when I've spent an increased amount of time in bed due to feeling under the weather.  Caesar has been my constant companion, hot water bottle and teddy bear!  I don't think he minds...

At number 9:
Weigh up the means and the outcome...
It occurred to me the other day that Caesar goes on the furniture.  He sometimes sleeps in our bed and, although he's not supposed to, I frequently find him sitting on the settee.  Does this bother me?  Not as much as I had anticipated.  When we first got Caesar, we insisted that he would not be allowed on any furniture and then spent the next six to eight months fighting him off the furniture! What was he doing on the furniture?  Lying down....   In the end, I thought to myself...why does it matter?  And since then, it's been much easier to control.  Caesar rarely wants to get on the furniture and, when he does, he will get down when told.  My life is much easier for not having to chase him off the furniture.

Is that a smile now that you're on the sofa?

At number 8:
He can do it at home, but don't assume he'll do it elsewhere...
Caesar is very receptive to training and will sell his soul for a tasty the house.  However, take him outside of the house and things are a little different.  This year I have lost far too many points at dog training by assuming that Caesar will be able to apply his learning in the house to other rarely happens.  And, it NEVER happens at crucial moments like in the park when there's another dog...
Well behaved inside but outside it's a different story!

At number 7:
Never leave Christmas presents in the dining room...
...and definitely not ones of the chocolate variety.  As a side note to this; plastic crates are not secure enough...
Just waiting to get the presents from under the tree!  

At number 6:
Never play-fight with a dog who has just drank a lot of water...
Damien and my carpet learnt this earlier this month when, after jumping around in the front room for a while, Caesar had a huge wee all over my rug!

At number 5:
A decent walk is good for the soul...
Sometimes, when things get tough, you can't necessarily be bothered to put on your wellies and go walking somewhere.  But, once you get out in the ankle deep sludge, fresh air and long grass, it's amazing how quickly anxieties fade away.  Caesar and I have been on some lovely walks this year, sometimes with a friend or two, sometimes on our own.  Whatever the weather, whatever the place, a good walk can clear the mind!

At number 4:
Baby gates are a waste of money (as dog defense mechanisms)...

Enough said.

At Number 3:
He will come back...
No matter how bad Caesar can be if he gets far, he has always come back.  While we were on holiday in the Lake District this year, he opened the caravan door and left...  Damien found him sitting where my car had been (I'd gone to the garage).  And, during a walk one day, I fell over and the lead slipped from my hand.  He didn't leave me, just ran circle around me!  ....There was no one else around though...

At number 2:
Never say never 
This year, Caesar has broken into my high-security kitchen, defeating my 'award winning doorknob' which I believed to be Caesar proof.  This, only weeks after I had posted about how pleased I was that the kitchen was now penetrable.  On a positive note though, I was able to let him off the lead with a group of dogs - something I thought I'd never see!

At number 1:
With time, patience and hard work, anything is achievable!
It has been a year of huge successes.  Here are just a few:
- First off lead dog walk with other dogs.
- Lots of new commands learnt
- Record time of undamaged belongings
- Able to live with another dog
- Crate trained (finally)!
-  First holiday - and he didn't trash the caravan, terrorise other campers or run away!

And, of course, 2013 has seen the launch of Caesar's blog:  Saving Caesar.  Thanks for reading everyone and I hope to see you all in 2014 for more 'Antics of a Rescue Dog!'

If you'd like to post some things that you've learnt from your dog, I'd love to hear them!  Leave a comment.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Since it's Christmas, it's not a huge blog update but just to say a big:


To all of our readers!  

Caesar has been spoilt rotten.  Mainly by his Aunties:  Emma and Sian and by my mum!  Who've all got him lovely presents including:
- cranberry and turkey treats
- a fox toy
- a new place to hang his leads
- a bandanna
- some doggy gingerbread
- some doggy after dinner mints
- a new rubber ball
and lots lots more...

As for our presents.  We did pretty well this year...  Caesar eventually managed to get at a pack of Yankee candles and put his teeth through the box.  He also managed to eat the wrapping paper on my dad's new carry case....I think he may have scratched the suede as well.... 

But, apart from that, touch wood, the vast majority of presents have survived the Caesar test thus far!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas xxxx

Friday, 20 December 2013

Saving Caesar Wordl

It's been 3 months since I first had the idea for writing a blog about Caesar.  At first, I worried I might find it difficult to keep writing and that I might run out of steam after a few weeks.  But, I've had no such problem.  Caesar never leaves me long enough to get bored.  He surprises and challenges me every day.

So, in the first year of Saving Caesar, here are the words that have been the most used throughout the blog so far.  There are some surprises in there.....doors?!

Wordle: Saving Caesar

Hope you're all enjoying the Saving Caesar Advent Calendar:

To make a Christmas donation to homeless dogs at SARA.  Please follow the link:

Keep your eyes peeled for a Christmas Eve surprise! x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

What I love about Caesar...

While creating the advent calendar, I found myself asking some pretty deep questions.  At face value, "what do you love about your pet?" might seem really easy to answer.  However, when I began to receive replies, it slowly dawned on me that this answer was much more complex than I had anticipated.  So I started to think about my own answer...

I suppose my blog can come across negatively at times.  Caesar is hard work, there's no denying that and for every breakthrough we have with him, there is always a set back to match it.  For example, having been wonderful in the house for weeks on end and looking after me when I was poorly, he suddenly decided he ought to wee in 3 different rooms and then eat the packing off someone's Christmas Present all over the space of the 6 hours that we were in bed!  But still, I've sort of learnt to accept that, while he's here, things are never going to be perfectly neat and unharmed....that's just Caesar.  At the least, he keeps me on my toes!  However, I can't say that I love that, so let's start thinking about the question.

What I think most people find amazing about most rescue dogs is their ability to form such a strong and trusting bond with people.  After what many have suffered, it's amazing that they can muster any trust at all.  Caesar trusts many people and will listen to commands of most people.  Many people tell me "he's your dog," though as he will often sit or lie by me and where possible, will know where I am.  For example, at dog training, he will sit and stay because he is told to.  He will allow me to leave the room and remain in a stay because he is told to.  However, as I move along behind the glass doors, I can see his eyes darting around frantically until I'm back in sight.  In some ways that's sad.  In other ways, I'm pleased to feel that I'm important for him and, hopefully, he will soon learn that I will always come back.  I also love the trust that Caesar puts in me.  He will let me anything to him - whether that be lift him up to put him on the vet's table or open his mouth to look at his teeth or put on the head collar that he hates.  If I accidently stand on his foot or tail, he won't react aggressively, he's just squeal!  And, although he often resists the things he dislikes, he would never growl, snarl or nip.  He knows, if he has to do it, he has to do it!  

Aside from this, there are a million little things that I adore about Caesar.  So, after thinking long and hard, I've concluded that I can't say I love "everything" about him and I certainly can't deny there are some things that I would definitely change about him.   However, it's the little things that make me realise how much I love Caesar.  So I've written some of them down for you in a little poem (look at me getting all poetic)!

Little things that I love:
I love the way he sits when he's comfy in his bed
Or the way he sort of squeals when he's waiting to be fed

That looks that he gives when he knows there's something wrong
The way he wags his tail when I've been away too long

The noise that he will make when he wants you to look his way
Or the times he licks your jeans (even though it is a pain)

And I love the way he snuggles into your shoulder late at night
How, in winter, his chest goes from black spots to furry white

His eyebrow line that furrows when he's feeling a bit upset
Or the way he licks everyone - that includes
the vet!

Perhaps it's just the little things that makes me love him so,
And remind me every day of why we'll never let him go!

Hope you enjoyed reading!
If you'd like to share all the reasons that you love your pet, then leave a comment below!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Nurse Caesar...

I hate being ill.  Not least because I feel like I'm being slowly dragged along a gravelly pavement!  I mostly hate being ill because I can't stand being on my own.  So far in my life, and rather luckily for me, I've not been too much of a sickly person.  I'll catch the occasional cold and feel rotten and, less fortunately, I have suffered from migraines for quite a long time.  However, aside from this, I largely manage to stay on my feet.  And, when I do get ill, I usually battle on anyway.

So, what do you do when you go to the doctors and get told that you can't work?  That you're "contagious".  Panic!  What will I do with myself?  Sleep is the key answer to that question.

My past days have been a combination of soup eating, medication munching, sleeping and not much else.

I've managed with support of 2 things:
1.  A box set of Scrubs
2.  Caesar

No matter what, Caesar has been by my side while I've been ill.  As I've drifted in and out of sleep, he's kept his watchful eye on me, he's sat on my lap and let me eat my soup in peace (unheard of), he's put his head on my shoulder while I've laid watching the TV and he's been bumped around, accidentally kicked, pushed and laid on as I've slept through many fever induced nightmares.
Doing a great job of looking after me.  If only he could stay awake....

He's done without his long walks, dog training and playtime just to lie by my side.  Except at tea time when suddenly he seems to disappear....

Nurse Caesar to the rescue! 

Caesar having his own barmy dream:

Link to video:

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

20 days and counting...

No, it's not the countdown to Christmas.  It's the countdown to the final door of the Saving Caesar Rescue Advent Calendar!  The final day of which poses a few little surprises.

After the grand final, I am going to make a link available over which you can download a copy of the calendar.  The copy will be a presetation which works in largely the same way as the advent calendar however all doors will be accessible - this is the reason why it will not be published until 24th.

Hope you enjoy everyone!  How are you enjoying the calendar so far? 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent Calendar hitch

It has come to my attention that there is a slight hitch with the advent calendar.  When returning to open your next door, people are finding that they have to open the doors leading up to that door.  This is fine for now, but may become problematic when it gets to 10 and above.  Particularly because I'm counting on you all being here for the grand finale at number 24!  

For this reason, I have begun to make a presentation version of the advent calendar....I'm hoping that this will make it possible to open the doors without having to open the others.  You're going to have to exercise some self control though as all doors will be no doing a me and guzzling 16 days worth of chocolate in one!  

What do you think?  Leave your comments below or on the Facebook page.  

Thanks x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Absolutely Overwhelmed!

I am writing in a state of absolute excitement. I returned home today to see the stats on the blog had rocketed. This can mean only one thing - the start of the rescue dog advent calendar!

Well, all I can say is thank you so much everyone for showing your love and support for these wonderful dogs and their owners by spending a few minutes reading about these really special families! I hope you enjoy the advent calendar and would absolutely love to hear what you think. Either leave a comment below or on the Facebook Page if you can.

Link to the rescue advent Calendar:

If you would like to make a donation to SARA (Saltburn Animal Rescue Assosciation).  You can donate as much or as little as you like by following the link:
Big kisses from Caesar for all your hard work.

If you like, please share:

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