About Caesar

Hi, I'm Caesar.  I was named after a tree.  A Cedar tree to be precise.  Why?  Well, that's where I was found.  Tied to a tree with a belt around my waist.  Luckily for me, I got tied to the right tree in exactly the right place and was picked up by some lovely people at a local rescue centre.  I was full of energy back then and a bit of a handful, particularly because I still had all of my bits and pieces.  The rescue centre was full with many other dogs who were unwanted and so I was due to go to the local pound.  Thankfully, my rescuer, a lovely girl who knew exactly what I needed, thought it best that I didn't go there as, due to my boisterous nature, and ability to breed, she feared that I might fall into the wrong hands.

I waited for new owners for almost six months.  Nobody ever came to visit apart from the lovely volunteers who took me for a walk each day.  I was beginning to lose hope when a rather naive couple came looking for their first dog.  My rescuer thought that they looked just right for me and, even though they weren't sure about my size and had never owned a dog of my breed before, they agreed to give me a try.  They visited me every day for two weeks while they got their home sorted and finally brought me home just in time for Valentines day.

Sometimes I forget my good behaviour and get muddled up with their house rules so I'm often getting myself into trouble.  I try my hardest to make my new owners understand when I don't like something; I've broken that crate three times and they still don't get the point!  They can be a little bit slow sometimes.  I'm a good boy really though and always keen to please anyone that comes to see me.  It's a shame they don't always want to cuddle me as much as I do them though!  Anyway, extra wags to you for coming to read my blog.  I do hope you enjoy it and please do comment with your own doggy tales.  It will help to keep my owner sane.

A video about me:

Link to video for phone users:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w6cpPs4qOw