Sunday, 2 February 2014

Caesar the king of the IKEA hack dog bed!

Over the past few weeks the bed time dilemma has gotten worse.  Caesar will lure me into a false sense of security by beginning the night on his own bed next to the radiator.  "Good," I'll think although I can't deny that I do miss our bedtime cuddles sometimes.  Then, a few hours later, Damien will come to bed.  In the hour following this, Caesar will decided that he'd rather be on our bed than his own and jump up onto our head/body/legs.  This morning I woke up face down on the pillow and he was sound asleep on my back!

Caesar has always loved his wonder he wants to get in bed on a night!

For some time now, I've been trying to find it within me to spend over £70 on an igloo style bed for Caesar.  As a nervous dog, I'd concluded that perhaps he would feel a little better if he was enclosed within a space rather than in the open.  And, an igloo should stay warmer therefore he wouldn't get cold and attempt to get into bed with us at 3am.  The beautiful dog igloo, details of which a friend gave to me after finding them a success with her own dogs, was made of faux leather and filled with sherpa fur.  It looked cosy and warm and with only one company seemingly making and selling such items, the price would need to be paid.

Warm enough Caesar?

Money isn't something that I have a lot of.  And, while I have enough for Damien, Caesar, Gemma and I to live comfortably together, forking out £70 for a dog bed was not going to go unnoticed in my bank account.  I deliberated, wondering what to do about it; on the one hand the bed looked comfortable and well made; it should last longer than some of his other beds which were cheaply bought and just as cheaply made.

Today I decided to make a rare trip over to IKEA to buy myself a nice unit for the dining room.  And, while there, I spotted something rather cool (and it wasn't a freakish cuddly toy in the shape of a carrot)!  Say hello to this rather fantastic medieval style tent!

(Image property of Inter IKEA Services B.V)
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Now before spotting this, I had spotted this other, rather mediocre tent, which, had I been anywhere other than IKEA would have done just fine.

(Image property of Inter IKEA Services B.V)
But once I had seen the medieval tent, complete with it's own little flag, I couldn't think of anything else.  Instantly, I had the urge to buy it - it would be like Caesar's own castle!  I picked one up and Damien burst out laughing!  "You can laugh now!" I told him, "...but you'll thank me when you've had a good nights sleep!"  A good nights sleep is a myth as far as I'm concerned.  I can't remember the last time that I had one.  Probably when I was on holiday and Caesar wasn't there!  Even then though my slumber was troubled by my cursed imagination picturing what he would be doing at that moment....what would he be destroying or eating that he shouldn't be?

Cute little flag!

I set the bed up as soon as I got home.  My immediate reaction was complete shock at how big it seemed now it was outside of a huge warehouse-like shop.  I started to wonder if the small green tent would have been enough but it was too late.  Downstairs, I could hear Caesar whimpering as I tore around, moving furniture to fit his castle into my newly designed bedroom.  I hadn't planned to have a large castle shaped tent in the corner and I had to admit my heart did sink a little when I realised the impact that it was going to have on the room.  Still, I thought, Damien's sister will be visiting in April and it will definitely give her children somewhere to play!  Once it has been fumigated, of course, as Caesar's bed carries with it a distinctly sweaty dog smell!

The bed seems a little bit bigger now it's in my lovely bedroom...

Inside the tent had more than enough space and I filled it with blankets, cushions, his bed and a few toys.  I hoped to make it like a miniature bedroom inside a bedroom for the little prince dog!

As soon as Caesar had finished his tea, he came bounding up the stairs to see what I had been doing.  He didn't know what to do first!  He jumped onto the bed and then bounced off and landed ON the tent!  After a short time, though, he realised how to get into the tent and ran in and out of it wildly.  Then he took his new teddy in with him.  And then, finally, he decided to lie down!

Caesar settled in his new house with his teddy.

I decided I would leave the curtains open to begin with just so that Caesar didn't feel trapped inside but, after a while, it became clear that he was quite comfortable with the house so, I climbed in with him and shut the curtains so that we were cuddled up in there together (I told you it was big)!

Finally, I climbed out, leaving Caesar lying on his bed.  And shut the curtain.  He seemed happy enough, though I have an inkling that he may still be keeping an eye on what is going on...

Has anyone else ever used something for their dog that wasn't intended for this use?  I'd love to know your dog hacks!  Leave a comment to share one.