About Me

Since I can remember, I have always had two dreams.  They might not be spectacular nor, fortunately, too pie in the sky but I've held onto them since childhood.  The first is that I'd like to have a pet.  When I was younger, a horse was at the very top of my list but by my early twenties and following a rather painful horse riding incident, I quickly reassessed my situation and decided that a dog would be more suitable and less potentially life threatening (I am probably the clumsiest person on earth and said incident was my fault and not the horse's).  I fulfilled this dream when I finally convinced my boyfriend to visit the local rescue centre where we stumbled across a very hyper and extremely friendly Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross named Caesar but I couldn't stop there and exactly 12 months later, I brought home my second dog Gemma, completing my family.

My second dream, is to be a writer and one day to write a book.  Unfortunately, due to a very noisy English class who never got anything done at school, I learnt only how to write excellent introductions and never how to finish a story.  So, over the years following secondary school, I would write hundreds of wonderful story introductions and then run out of ideas by the third chapter.

As a rule, I never enter into anything lightheartedly and when I brought Caesar home for the first time, I had read no less than five different books about owning a dog plus a plethora of internet sites!  The problem, I found, was that none of them seemed to be about rescuing Caesar.  Many assumed that your dog would automatically follow certain rules or obey certain commands and I was never able to find a book that covered any number of Caesar's problems.  For a time, I felt very alone and wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew but as I explained earlier, I never enter into things lightheartedly and could not bring myself to give up on the lovable rogue that we had adopted.  Instead, I decided to write a book, recording everything that had happened to us and share it with the world.  I want people who rescue difficult dogs, whatever breed they might be, to know that they're not alone.  I created the blog 'Saving Caesar' as a way of touching other owners.  It's not an advice site but a place where we can each share our experiences and, where possible, find humour in each other's tribulations.  After all with Caesar, if I didn't laugh, I'd cry most of the time

I hope you enjoy the blog and I'd love to hear your comments and to hear your own stories.