Sunday, 27 October 2013

The perfect house guest...??

Caesar doesn't get invited around to other people's houses too much.  I'm not surprised really.  Last time we were guest's in anyone's house other than my parents he weed all over the floor out of pure excitement at being there.  It's not that he's too badly behaved at other houses, at least he doesn't mean to be anyway, it's more that he is extremely interested in everything that they have.  If he were a person, this would be an endearing quality.  The type of person who comes round and compliments your furniture, asks for a tour of your beautiful home and shows a LOT of interest in what you're cooking.  As a dog, I can't deny, it is slightly irritating.

Luckily, for my parents at least, he is now used to their house and so has learnt how to behave there....most of the time anyway.  He saunters in, gives everyone a fuss and then sits waiting to have his head collar removed.  Once he is head collar free, he then moves into the kitchen with my dad.  He does this because that is where the food is.  If he is called away from the kitchen area, he will generally come but then makes it his soul mission to get back to the kitchen again.  He particularly likes my parents' automatically opening bin which is essentially the magic gateway to leftover food.

At home, Caesar is not allowed on the furniture.  At least, not the sofas anyway.  He comes to bed most nights with me so the bedrooms have slightly different rules.  Generally, he understands this.  Occasionally, he will come for a hug on the rocking chair but only when invited.  Once we leave, of course, the rules are redundant and I frequently catch him sitting on the leather sofa.  In fact, there is a huge chunk missing from said sofa where he tried to dig a hole....

'Maybe, if I stare hard enough, he'll drop some....'

At my parents' house, the rules are no longer in play either.  And, for some reason, he feels that he is welcome to sit, lie or otherwise make himself comfortable on any of their sofas.  The problem is, where as my sofa was less than £200 and bought from Macro, their sofa or should I say 'suite' is from a proper sofa catalogue where you can order sofas that have a guarantee and come with which you can buy special cleaning equipment.  I'm guessing the guarantee is void if a large dog attempts to dig a hole in your new Richmond suite....   Perhaps that's worth checking.

Caesar is treated like a VIP at my parents' house.  I'm surprised he wants to go home.  He get's left over food (a good chunk of pork last night), to lie on the settee (actually meant my dad having to sit on the floor) and cuddled and fussed all of the time.  No wonder he cries in the car all the way home!!

How does your dog act at other people's houses?  Angel or anarchist?  Let me know with a comment.