Monday, 28 October 2013

Someone to talk to...

I've never been good at being on my own.  I like company too much.  If I'm on my own for too long then I have to talk to myself because I just like to have someone to chat to.  I'm pretty sure if I was living entirely on my own, I'd end up being reported for constantly talking to myself.  It's nothing serious, I don't tell myself to kill kittens or follow people, just things like 'oh that washing needs doing,' or 'what was I about to do?'  

Fortunately, now I've got Caesar I can talk to him.  Not that he understands too much of what I'm saying but he is a fairly good listener.  Having him around makes me feel slightly less embarrassed about talking away to myself.  

'I didn't quite catch that...but I thought you might have said 'treat'?'

A few years ago, when we hadn't long since moved into our house and we were pet and wee-stained-carpet free, Damien announced that he was going to France for a week or so.  I didn't take it too well as I hated being on my own and was petrified of being left in the house.  At night, each time someone would walk past, I would panic and hope that they didn't come to the house.  I didn't like answering knocks on the door, even in the daytime, and eventually, I moved my things to my parents' house and slept in their small bedroom.

Getting Caesar meant that I didn't have to be on my own anymore.

Caesar has given me something that I would never have had otherwise - the ability to stay on my own without being scared!  Largely because, if I am scared, I can talk to him and say 'did you hear that noise?' and also because he is so excitable he'd probably, however unintentionally, knock anyone who tried to get in off their feet entirely.  

'Well that's me settled for the night....'

Caesar too has come to terms with Damien going away.  Mainly because he gets to sleep in the bed and spend all of his time getting attention; even if he doesn't have a clue what I'm saying!