Friday, 11 October 2013

Battle of the bath

YouTube Adventures
I am a self confessed YouTube adventurer.  I can't help it.  "Look at this lovely picture of my baby in her paddling pool." writes one of my Facebook friends.  Hmmm...after thirty seconds of that, I've done enough 'aww's..'   Oh wait, what's this?  "Elephant in paddling pool"  well that has to be worth a watch!  OK, well that was interesting but what's this?  "Paddling pool stunt!"  Wow, that's looks both highly dangerous and highly entertaining!  Let's watch that.  And now, "Worlds fastest rollercoasters."  I bet they're all in America though.  Oh well, couldn't hurt to look could it?  You can see how two hours later I'm watching a man with no teeth yelling at his ex wife on a cheesy chat show.

Anyhow, I was on one of my YouTube adventures recently when I came across this video:

Not my video - made by wloltigerlolw2
Well done to them!

Anyway, it got me thinking about bath time in my house and how many injuries I sustained last time.  

Without fail, Caesar will try to jump out of the bath when he is covered in soap and water and soak me! 
However, getting him in the bath in the first place is always a bit of a nightmare as he tends to run off when I
go anywhere near him.  

As soon as I turn the bath on, Caesar disappears.  If it's me who's in it, he reappears once I'm safely
under water to steal my socks and take them to his bed.

Sock stealing - another of Caesar's hobbies.

I've tried treating Caesar during his bath, bringing toys in with him and still he jumps out mid-wash and 
flings covers me, the bathroom and everything else in water.  Sometimes, he lures you into a false sense 
of security by pretending to be fine with the whole bathing process.  He'll stand still for a while and you 
foolishly begin to think; 'perhaps he's enjoying the warm water.'  No, he's simply plotting the best position 
and timing to fling himself out of the bath.  This, he usually concludes, is the moment when you have a bottle 
of shampoo in one hand and he is covered with lather!

Who else has a naughty bath time doggy?