Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Braving the bike

It's well known that I cannot run.  In more ways than one:

1.  I can't physically run for more than about a minute without ending up bent double;
2.  I don't actually run, I sort of prance which makes people giggle;
3.  I can't bring myself to actually go running for the above two reasons.

It's a wonder then that I own some impact resistant running shoes that cost more than most of my other shoes.  They're in the back of my wardrobe.

Walking Caesar - about the only exercise I get!

I am conscious that my exercise regime is nothing more than walking each day and wanted to do something about it.  "What about riding a bike?" my mum asked one summer afternoon.  The last time I rode a bike, I fell off!  However, I was keen to have a go so I jumped in the saddle, donned my dad's old cycling helmet and wobbled off down the road.  After a short time, I put the bike away, saying 'I'll have another go at that later' and then never did.

Then, late one night, something came to me.  "Caesar was abandoned by a guy on a bike..."  Damien looked at me blankly "he must be ok to run alongside a bike then?"  What I failed to acknowledge was that the abandoner probably knew how to ride a bike.  I, on the other hand, don't!

Caesar is a high energy dog!
Running alongside a bike is ideal for him!

So, when my parent's turned up tonight with the bike, I jumped at the chance.  "Let's go for a ride!" I said to Caesar.  I put on his longer lead with shock absorber to try to steady myself. However, as a safety measure, I made Damien run along side.  To begin with, I was very wobbly and had to get my balance before I could take Caesar.  But, by the time we were on our way back, I was gaining confidence by the minute.  "Pass me the lead."

What I forgot was there are a number of issues when riding a bike with a dog:
1.  Lampposts - he went one way and I went the other!
2.  Wheels - he kept getting in front of them!
3.  Energy - Caesar has more of it than I do!

I didn't peddle the whole way home, I was just pulled along by Caesar who was loving running alongside the bike.  I hope I can get enough confidence (and balance) on the bike to keep trying!
Home and having a relax - we're both still in one piece...for now.

Any other cyclist/dog walkers?  How do you manage?