Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Who's been sleeping in my bed....?!

Last night was....eventful.  I left work just before 5:30 having been there for ten hours.  Went for a meal with the girls from work and then a party with the girls from work.  I returned home at almost 9:30 - 14 hours after I'd left the house this morning and still wearing my staff badge.  Caesar was frantic.  Of course, he had been at home with his dad since about 4:00 however, he likes it when we're all here together.  Family....or pack, depending on your outlook.

Never ever leave me again....understand?!

I was busy fussing him to death when Damien called out, "have you seen those dogs in the street?"  I peered out of the window but saw nothing.  "They're probably with those lads," I said passively as two teens chatted their way down the road "...should have them on the lead though."

Moments later, Damien called out again "there they are!"  Again, I missed them.  I walked out of the house into the dark.  I could hear and see nothing apart from Caesar standing on the window sill crying.  I was about to go back inside when I heard a sudden scattering of paws!  Then, a few minutes later, two dogs came running past.  They turned at the end of the street and sprinted back.  I called for them but they kept running in the opposite direction.  I sprinted back to the house and pulled out some collars and leads.  My first job was going to be to hook the runaways!

Video: It's not easy getting an excited dog to stop!

Ten o'clock loomed and Caesar was screaming noisily - letting me know his disgust at being left out of the fun.  I finally caught the smaller of the two dogs in a looped collar.  When it had calmed, I leaned down to stroke it.  It was clearly excited and nervous and kept jumping.  The larger ran around him in circles.  It took a while but eventually, I hooked her too.  I popped collars on both then and finally fastened the leads properly to the collars instead of using them upside down as slip leads.

Now what?  It was now 10 o'clock and a walk around the block had revealed no clues as to where these two escapees had come from.  And a phone call to the dog warden and local pound turned up nothing either.  Both lines rang off.  Finally, I made the decision to call the police.  "We can open a kennel for you.  But you will need to transport the dogs yourself or keep them until morning..."  I checked the clock.  10:15.  I had to be at work by 7:30 the next morning.  I listened as Caesar howled at the window, watching us with two other dogs.  'Traitors!'

Perfected puppy dog eyes
'Mammy, I want to join in! Pleeeeeeease...'

There was no choice.  "I'll bring him." I said as he confirmed that the kennels were 10 miles away.  What else could I do?  Hastily, I added 'if no one claims them I'd like to know'.  These two dogs were panicky and restless and I wasn't about to abandon them at kennels, never finding out what happened to them.  I considered my comment, which had taken me by surprise.  What exactly was I planning on doing?  I hadn't even been sure about one dog.  I didn't want these two adding to my gang!  Perhaps I could contact the rescue and offer them a 'foster home' until someone came along.  Was I really a foster home though?  I'm at work most of the time...My mind was spinning.  Shutting the front room door on my own dogs, I allowed the two to come in for a drink and a warm.  But minutes after they came in, there was a huge din from the lounge.  Caesar was not keen on canine visitors in his home and the noise and fuss coming from the living room frightened the dogs, who were trying to have a peaceful drink!

Finally, I got a call from the police - an owner had been found.  There was no need to drive the 10 miles nor panic about what would happen to the two frightened dogs.  Their panicked owner lived two roads away.  "Thank you so much," she said, throwing her arms around me.

Who's been drinking my water and lying in my bed?!