Friday, 28 February 2014

Why not to excite your dog at 11pm

I felt extremely proud on Wednesday evening.  Prouder than I've felt in a while.  I drove home at 10pm with a huge smile on my face and Caesar staring out of the boot window, fascinated by the evening lights illuminating the dark road.  

Staying 'down' is not Caesar's forte!
Perhaps my positive energy was contagious because Caesar bounded into the house with unusual gusto.  He skidded into the lounge, banging into the television cabinet as he did, and screeched to a halt in front of Damien where he attempted to say "I'm very proud of myself!" but it came out as "Yow yow yow!" as usual.  After telling Damien the results of that evening's training class competition and explaining how proud I had been of Caesar who had completed a 2 minute lie down and stay without many problems at all, I stepped into the kitchen for a late night snack.  Caesar followed as usual and, when I stopped, his ears went back and he began scampering madly up and down the hall and kitchen.

Caesar, mid 'Scoob'!
This isn't the first time he's done this and we've fondly come to know these moments as "doing a Scoob!" but tonight he was particularly full of it.  Damien and I laughed as he skittered forward and backward looking as if he were being chased by a gang of super villains.  Then, when he stopped for a second, Damien said "Boo!" and started him all over again.  This was hilarious as he bowled around running circles around us.  

After some time, Caesar appeared to have ran off this unusual night time energy and I decided to retire to bed.  Turning on the heel of my trainers, I made my way to the stairs and placed my foot on the first when I heard the noise of skittering paws I barely had time to turn around and I was on the floor.  Caesar had charged into my ankle in full on Scooby Doo mode and my whole leg had given way twisting my ankle painfully to one side.  

Then, realising he'd done wrong, he charged up the stairs and I didn't see him until the next morning.  Where was he?  Where do you think....?