Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Saving Caesar

Caesar, like so many others, is a rescue dog.  Nobody knows much about his past because he was found tied to a fence near the local rescue centre but he has told us as much about himself as he can.  He does this by small gestures such as tearing apart the living room; this means 'please don't leave me shut in the living room, it's not very nice'.  Also, barging full force into my legs on the beach and leaving me lying face up in the sea at nine o'clock at night; this means 'I don't like this muzzle you've put on me, take it off please!'  And finally, snapping his fifty pound canvas crate into tiny, unfixable pieces; 'I don't like this crate, please don't put me in it.'

As first time owners, Caesar has taught us just how trying pet ownership can be.  He has shown us the true meaning of the words 'frustrated' and 'hopeless' but he has also taught us the importance of forgiveness and in turn we've taught him the true meaning of the words 'sit,' 'stay,' and 'go to your bed and don't come back!'  

I embarked upon the adventure that became 'Saving Caesar' just one year ago but already Caesar has taught me more about ownership than every dog handling book in the library could ever dream of.  He has issues that can't be identified using any internet site, makes noises that I have never heard before and, despite my early fears about his breed, is the most placid dog that I've ever met, at least with people anyway.

Caesar is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross-breed and this blog will follow his progress.