Friday, 17 January 2014

But you're not supposed to be here...

Today I was working from home.  So, after being woken up at the usual time, in the usual way (being bounced all over by a large red mongrel), I decided to set myself up on the sofa with my laptop and books.  Ninety percent of the time, I'm at work and Caesar, however long it took, is used to this now.  During the day he entertains himself by making a nest in our bed.  But, thankfully, it's now rare to find that he's done much more.

Caesar chilling in his daytime spot.

Now, usually, as I walk through the door at 5:30, Caesar is there to greet me.  He dances around my legs, attempts to knock me off my feet and has a very good sniff at my clothes.  Then, he proceeds to follow me for the rest of the evening.  He follows me everywhere; when I get changed, when I shower, even when I go to the toilet.  He is like my little red shadow.

He doesn't even sleep on the bed...he sleeps ON me!

So, you'd expect then that he'd be elated when I spend the day at home.  Granted that I couldn't pay him much attention as I was busy typing, scrawling, researching and head-scratching.  However, as someone who brings a lot of work home, this isn't unusual at the best of times.

You can imagine my shock when at nine o'clock, I sat myself on the sofa, surrounded by work and, at five past nine, Caesar stood up, walked out and disappeared to his daytime spot on the bed.  At eleven, I began to worry and called him.  He ignored me.  So, I went upstairs to find him laid on the bed.  He ignored me.  I almost began to wonder if I was a ghost in my own house; unnoticeable.

Leave me're not supposed to be here!

Caesar didn't materialise all day.  Until the evening when I am allowed to once again be present in the house.  What peculiar behaviour?  Particularly since he doesn't do this on weekends.  So...can dogs tell what day of the week it is now?  I am majorly puzzled!

The closing date for donations to the Saving Caesar SARA project is the 29th January.  If you would like to show your appreciation for fabulous small rescue's like SARA, then please give a small donation by clicking on this text and following the instructions.  All donations go to the wonderful place that gave Caesar the home and rehabilitation that he needed and helped us to find him and see his potential too.  Here's to many more years of happy dogs and owners!