Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dear Sandy Paws

Dear Sandy Paws,
I am writing to inform you that a certain 'Caesar Turner' needs to be removed  from your 'nice' list on a permanent basis.

It would seem that, despite luring everyone into a false sense of security by being eerily well behaved over the past few months, Caesar has now blotted his copy book with spectacular style.  Not a week ago, I was feeling very proud of him for managing the excitement of the dog training Christmas party.  Where, his reindeer outfit won him a first place prize.And, where, he proved that he's made great progress with dealing with other dogs - despite crying just a little.

However, Sandy Paws, you can imagine my dismay when this morning I opened the dining room door to find an explosion of nice, new Christmas presents seemed to have happened.  The floor was littered with bottles of wine, bubble bath, candles, scarves, socks and woolly jumpers.  And, the worst part, was that a number of these were broken!

So, Sandy Paws, I ask that you send back all of Caesar's presents and use the money to buy some new presents for all of the ones destroyed.

Yours Sincerely,
A very annoyed dog mum

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