Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bedroom Break-ins

It's a well known fact that Caesar can break into our bedroom.  I sort of turn a blind eye to it.  Admittedly, this is partly because I don't really know what to do about it.  He breaks in during the day and curls up on our bed.  Although this is a little irritating, at least it means that he isn't demolishing the rest of the house - well most of the time anyway.

Caesar's favourite place to be - under the covers in our bed!

So, with great guilt, I have to admit that I haven't done much in the way of stopping this behaviour.  I don't love the fact that my bed is being slept on all day by an often sweaty and sometimes muddy/sandy villain in the shape of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  However, I've learnt to choose my battles with Caesar and decided that this wasn't one worth fighting.  Partly because the rest of the house was more likely going to suffer if he wasn't lazily lying about on the bed.

This, in my opinion, was all very well and good...until a few weeks ago.  It was a school night and I'd gone to bed as usual, Caesar by my side.  I'd drifted off into my usual sleep and being abruptly woken by Damien, as usual, taking Caesar to the toilet and then putting him downstairs for the night.  It didn't take me long to drift off again and I was having the most interesting dream about buying a new mirror for the bedroom when....'BANG!'

Big baby having teddy cuddles!

I woke up with such a jump that I felt dizzy.  Then another 'BANG' and then a squeak as the door opened.  Then a scuttling of claws on laminated floor and a sudden impact to the legs.  "Ouch!"

I sleep on the side of the bed that is not next to the door and so, for no other reason aside from this (honestly), I decided to wake Damien up.  Grumpily, he dragged himself out of bed and took Caesar outside again.  This happened another twice during the night.

After a night of disrupted sleep, I realised that I am never going to make a good or patient mother.  "GET OUT!" I screeched at him as he broke in for the third time.  The next few weeks only got worse!

Now, at the first sign of noise, I have taught myself to respond with a quick and loud "NO!" I'm sure that sometimes I even do this before I wake up!  I often find myself yelling at all times of night and morning as Caesar can strike at just about any time.  Last night, there were 3 separate night time raids followed by a huge amount of outside bedroom wailing!

I'm sure our neighbour absolutely loves us....and our delinquent dog....

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