Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Since it's Christmas, it's not a huge blog update but just to say a big:


To all of our readers!  

Caesar has been spoilt rotten.  Mainly by his Aunties:  Emma and Sian and by my mum!  Who've all got him lovely presents including:
- cranberry and turkey treats
- a fox toy
- a new place to hang his leads
- a bandanna
- some doggy gingerbread
- some doggy after dinner mints
- a new rubber ball
and lots lots more...

As for our presents.  We did pretty well this year...  Caesar eventually managed to get at a pack of Yankee candles and put his teeth through the box.  He also managed to eat the wrapping paper on my dad's new carry case....I think he may have scratched the suede as well.... 

But, apart from that, touch wood, the vast majority of presents have survived the Caesar test thus far!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas xxxx