Monday, 30 December 2013

The 5 top posts of 2013...

I'm all in for countdowns at the moment (as you can probably tell).  So, I decided that, as a final post for 2013, it would be good to reflect on the most viewed blog posts that got us here today.  If you haven't read, take a look at some of the most popular posts from this year....

Number 5:  An initial look at Gastric Torsion and how this can affect your dog after Caesar is Inconveniently Ill late one night.

Number 4:  Caesar's Rescue Advent Calendar introduced the idea of the Rescue Advent Calendar onto the website.  It later became a success and raised some money for local animal charity SARA.

Number 3:  The original post on the blog.  Simply called Saving Caesar and my first ever go at being a blogger.

Number 2:  Starting Small looks at some of the issues that Caesar had when we adopted him.  It also looks at some of the ways that we've attempted to combat Caesars' issues.  It was one of the first posts on the blog.

Number 1:  One of the worst moments in my life so far.  What about GDV?  looks at the risks of the condition GDV and how, after eating a lot of Gemma's food, I was told that Caesar could develop the conditon over night. A very scary story but a lesson learnt - take heed everyone!