Saturday, 14 December 2013

What I love about Caesar...

While creating the advent calendar, I found myself asking some pretty deep questions.  At face value, "what do you love about your pet?" might seem really easy to answer.  However, when I began to receive replies, it slowly dawned on me that this answer was much more complex than I had anticipated.  So I started to think about my own answer...

I suppose my blog can come across negatively at times.  Caesar is hard work, there's no denying that and for every breakthrough we have with him, there is always a set back to match it.  For example, having been wonderful in the house for weeks on end and looking after me when I was poorly, he suddenly decided he ought to wee in 3 different rooms and then eat the packing off someone's Christmas Present all over the space of the 6 hours that we were in bed!  But still, I've sort of learnt to accept that, while he's here, things are never going to be perfectly neat and unharmed....that's just Caesar.  At the least, he keeps me on my toes!  However, I can't say that I love that, so let's start thinking about the question.

What I think most people find amazing about most rescue dogs is their ability to form such a strong and trusting bond with people.  After what many have suffered, it's amazing that they can muster any trust at all.  Caesar trusts many people and will listen to commands of most people.  Many people tell me "he's your dog," though as he will often sit or lie by me and where possible, will know where I am.  For example, at dog training, he will sit and stay because he is told to.  He will allow me to leave the room and remain in a stay because he is told to.  However, as I move along behind the glass doors, I can see his eyes darting around frantically until I'm back in sight.  In some ways that's sad.  In other ways, I'm pleased to feel that I'm important for him and, hopefully, he will soon learn that I will always come back.  I also love the trust that Caesar puts in me.  He will let me anything to him - whether that be lift him up to put him on the vet's table or open his mouth to look at his teeth or put on the head collar that he hates.  If I accidently stand on his foot or tail, he won't react aggressively, he's just squeal!  And, although he often resists the things he dislikes, he would never growl, snarl or nip.  He knows, if he has to do it, he has to do it!  

Aside from this, there are a million little things that I adore about Caesar.  So, after thinking long and hard, I've concluded that I can't say I love "everything" about him and I certainly can't deny there are some things that I would definitely change about him.   However, it's the little things that make me realise how much I love Caesar.  So I've written some of them down for you in a little poem (look at me getting all poetic)!

Little things that I love:
I love the way he sits when he's comfy in his bed
Or the way he sort of squeals when he's waiting to be fed

That looks that he gives when he knows there's something wrong
The way he wags his tail when I've been away too long

The noise that he will make when he wants you to look his way
Or the times he licks your jeans (even though it is a pain)

And I love the way he snuggles into your shoulder late at night
How, in winter, his chest goes from black spots to furry white

His eyebrow line that furrows when he's feeling a bit upset
Or the way he licks everyone - that includes
the vet!

Perhaps it's just the little things that makes me love him so,
And remind me every day of why we'll never let him go!

Hope you enjoyed reading!
If you'd like to share all the reasons that you love your pet, then leave a comment below!