Sunday, 8 September 2013

Another one bites the dust...

Caesar didn't have the best start, but then neither do most dogs who end up in kennels by the age of two.  I suppose the mothering instinct hidden deep within me wants to right that.  And how better to right it than by buying him toys?
Not spoiled at all.  Caesar with a selection of
his unbroken toys.

Although this may seem like a good philosophy, there is one minor problem.  Unless they dispense food, Caesar isn't really interested in toys at all (I've covered this in my Kong Wobbler post).  However, recently, I did find something that caught my eye.  Banished to the sale rail in Pets at Home, was a green doughnut with a friendly picture of Rhubarb the cat on it.  I don't know why it made me look twice.  After all, Caesar has had hundreds of toys and has never played much with any of them.  The doughnut shaped toy claimed to be "hard wearing".  'Good' I thought.  I had quickly learnt that anything that wasn't 'hard wearing' wasn't worth considering.

Could it be?  A hard wearing toy that he will play with?!

Anyway, my dog mum instincts must have been correct because he LOVED it.  He played tug with it, pretended it was running away and pounced on it, squeezed it and squeezed it to make it squeak and then finally ripped a huge hole in it and ate the padding.

'I know nothing about what happened to that toy...honestly!'

THE END (for that toy at least....)

Well it made it for almost a week...

What's your dogs favourite toy?  Let me know in the comments section.