Monday, 2 September 2013

Can you Kong?

Yesterday I gave up.  After eighteen months of owning Caesar, and eighteen months of knowing his love for Kong Wobblers, I finally gave in and bought him one.  Prior to this, I believed I had successfully sourced a cheaper alternative and 'hard wearing' egg shaped toy which essentially did the same thing, but alas Caesar chewed the top off it.  "He doesn't use his brain..." said Damien thoughtfully as I coughed up the money for the bright red toy.  He had hit the nail on the wrong end.  Actually, he does use his brain.  In fact, he uses his brain too much sometimes, that's half of the problem.  If he would just fail to use his brain sometimes, then I may not come home to find every door in the house open (aside from the award winning door knob one).  If he didn't use his brain, he'd still be hitting that egg into the back end of next week with his paws, but the truth is, after five minutes of doing that, he thought to himself 'actually, this would be easier if I just chewed the top off and got all of the treats out.

You have no idea how long it took to get
one photo of him sitting still with the Wobbler!

Anyhow, despite realising his love of all things wobbly, what I had failed to realise is exactly how naughty he would be with them!  Poor Gemma got a big snarl and a bark right in her face when she tried to find out what this new exciting toy was!  Then I had to take it off him and put it on the side in the kitchen because he's a naughty boy (and that's the only place he won't be able to get it back)!  Fourteen pounds well spent?  Perhaps not...

A New Feature!
Hello everyone.  Statistical analysis (thanks Google) shows me that most of you are visiting from Facebook and reading often.  Thank you!  And thanks to all those people who have found me by other means too!  If you are a Facebook user, I've now added a like button at the right where you can like the page, which links to a little Facebook page I've set up.  I'll basically update you on blog entries from there and any updates on the book (which I am beavering away at).   Thank you all again for reading.  And big woof from Caesar too.