Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I heart Flexi

Dear Mr. Flexi lead inventor,
I salute you and your outstanding contribution to dog owners everywhere.  I cannot deny the feelings of jealousy that consume me when I think of how much money you must have made from your, let's face it, relatively simple, yet extraordinarily effective idea.  Why, without your 8m Flexi Maxi, I would be doomed to being dragged around on a mere 2 meter piece of lead; hardly enough to get a good wrench going.  Yes, its all thanks to you that I can fly forward a good few metres every time Caesar reaches the limit of his 8m of freedom.  I'll admit, there is still room for improvement and who can forget when Caesar's second hand Felxi lead shattered into a million pieces in the park after a particularly bad pull.  I don't think Damien (who was walking Caesar at the time) will, nor will the people whom he went careering towards!  And yes, some people will complain about getting 'washing lined' or otherwise entangled in one of these leads, myself included.  However, for dog owners who cannot trust their dog not to pursue anything that moves, there is no better contraption than your 8 metres of extendable wire even if it does get stuck sometimes.  So, thank you Mr Flexi lead inventor, whoever you are, for bringing me peace of mind, security and a bit of an achey shoulder.
Yours sincerely,
Owner of a 8 metre Flexi lead and a very badly behaved dog

Bracing for impact!

Note: I am not advocating nor advertising Flexi leads.  And, those who wish to use, should do so with caution, care and awareness of their limitations and the potential hazards linked with using one.  As the post acknowledges, somewhat ironically, and I hoped lightheartedly, there are drawbacks to using this type of lead.  If you, like me, choose to use a Flexi lead, I would not advocate using a it in a busy place and definitely not by a road. If in doubt, seek advice from a qualified dog trainer first.