Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Naughty Spots...

Caesar has hundreds of naughty spots.  They are much more prominent in the summer and turn grey as the winter sets in. Each one is associated with a crime that he has committed.  If you look closely, you can see which one is which...
Here is what they are for:
- The cluster on his left shoulder are for breaking into the kitchen and stealing food (solved that one...eventually)!
-  The cluster on his right shoulder are for opening doors and making nests of my clothes which he lies in like some sort of mental magpie! 
-  The individual spot on the left of his chest is from the time he ran in and licked my fish (and chips) as I leaned forward to sit down - no tea for me then!
-  The one below that is for the time he pulled Damien off a bench, knocked his dinner out of his lap and then ran around eating it all!
-  The cluster in the centre of his chest are for chasing other dogs around and screaming at them.
- The group of spots on the left his belly are for attempting to eat a packet of pencils which I bought my class as prizes!
- The group of spots on the right of his belly are for charging into people's legs at high speed!

And the one on the end of his nose is his 'kissing spot'; that's for stealing people's hearts and refusing to give them back!