Monday, 30 September 2013

Sicky Caesar

Having an expressive dog is great.  It means that you know almost the second that they are feeling uncomfortable.  Usually, it's predictable; fireworks, shouting outside or dog barking.  Caesar suddenly sits bolt upright and starts moving his head from side to side and whining.  His body begins to shake and I know immediately that something isn't right.

For most of his shakes and whines there is a solution.
Fireworks - ear defenders!!

On Saturday, at around eight o'clock this happened.  The only issue was, I couldn't work out why.  There were no fireworks and the street was quiet.  Now, Caesar can be a bit of a wuss at times and I was sure it was probably just nothing.  I ushered him over and gave him a little pat.  The next thing I knew, he's being sick all over the carpet!
Feeling under the weather :-(

Having a sick dog is an emotional battle.  Half of your brain (the empathetic, sensitive part) says feel sorry for him, he's just been very sick.  And the other half (the part that buys new carpets...) says 'oh my goodness, my lovely rug! Now I'm going to have to get down on my knees and scrub up a lot of smelly sick.'  Luckily, on this occasion, the winning part was the empathetic sensitive least the first time he puked.

Empathetic/nurturing side of the brain: "Fine you can sleep in the bed...."
Other side:  "not the whole bed though!!!"

I scooped up the last of it into a plastic bag and began scrubbing at the floor when I hear another balk.  This time he's sick on his bed.  Luckily, research led me to buy him a cot mattress instead of a bed, as he kept eating his beds.  I covered this with a 75p sheet from ASDA.  Not wanting to spend the remainder of my Saturday evening cleaning up dog puke, I bundled up the sheet and threw it in the bin.  I know, I know; shamefully wasteful.  But it did save me a good half hour....

No breakfast for sick doggies!
That went down like a lead balloon (video).